Axis Proton front

Axis Proton

Axis Proton is a custom-designed computer, optimized through meticulous selection of components to run Waves audio applications such as the 16-channel eMotion LV1 live mixer and SuperRack live plugin rack.

With its SoundGrid connectivity, it integrates seamlessly with SoundGrid I/Os and servers, acting as the “brain” of a SoundGrid system. Designed to perform with maximum stability, Axis Proton is optimized for use in live setups of up to 16 stereo channels.

The half-rack 1U slick aluminum casing fits perfectly in a 1U rack shelf when paired with the SoundGrid Proton Server. Combine these two devices with the eMotion LV1 live 16-channel mixer, to build the ultimate compact live mixing system for a 16-channel live sound setup.

  • Computer optimized to run Waves software applications
  • Intel® Celeron® CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD Storage
  • 2 x 1GbE Ethernet Ports
  • 1 x HDMI Port1 x DisplayPort
  • 3 x USB PortsDurable aluminum casing (1U half-rack)
  • Windows 10 included
  • Can be racked in a 1U rack shelf accessory



  • In order to connect Axis Proton to Wi-Fi, plug it into a Wi-Fi router via the Ethernet port, or use a USB-Wi-Fi dongle.

Software and Updates

  • It comes pre-installed with Windows 10.
  • It comes pre-installed with the latest versions of Waves Central, eMotion LV1, SuperRack and all Waves plugins. (Please note that in order to activate and use any of the pre-installed plugins, you would need to purchase their licenses).
  • All Waves software updates, software installation and licensing are managed by Waves Central. (Please note that this applies only to Waves software updates, not to updates of any other software on the computer).
  • Waves Instruments sample libraries are not pre-installed.
  • Windows security updates are deployed monthly by Microsoft and are required for keeping a secure system. An update installtion can be delayed by the user up to 30 days from its deployment. Other Windows updates are disabled by default.

Warranty and Modifications

  • Covered under a 1-year warranty.
  • Opening the casing or modifying the hardware in any way will void the warranty.

USB and Display Adapters

  • Features USB2 and USB3 ports.
  • USB to Ethernet adapters are not supported.
  • Supports up to 2 displays using the built-in HDMI and DisplayPort ports.


  • Can be mounted on a rack Using a 1U Rack Shelf (sold separately) that allows mounting two Axis Proton units side by side, or an Axis Proton and a SoundGrid Proton Server side by side.


    • Width: 19.5 cm
    • Height: 3.8 cm
    • Length: 20.5 cm
    • Device Weight: 1.06 kg

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